1. All Exhibits shown at the Society's Annual Show must be grown or made by Exhibitors, except for Floral Art Section VII.
  2. The Committee shall appoint Judges, whose decision shall be final.
  3. No Exhibitor may enter more than one Exhibit per class.
  4. All Entry Forms to be handed to the Show Secretary, 206 Upper Road, TWO CLEAR DAYS BEFORE THE SHOW.
  5. All Exhibits to be staged on the morning of the Show and ready for judging at 11 am when the room shall be cleared of all, other than Judges and Officials.
  6. All Exhibits to be staged in a clean state.  No Exhibit to be removed until after prize giving at 3.45 pm.  If not cleared by 4.00 pm, the produce shall be sold by auction at the end of the show for the benefit of the Society's funds.  Exhibitors will be asked to indicate which items they will be removing and the remainder will be auctioned.
  7. Any member making a protest against any Exhibit shall do so in writing to the Show Secretary, and at the same time make a deposit of 1.00p.  If the objection is sustained, the deposit shall be returned; but if the Committee decides in favour of the Exhibitor, the deposit shall be added to the funds of the Society.  All disputes arising out of the interpretation of these Rules shall be dealt with by the Committee, and its decision shall be final.
  8. The awarding of a First Prize in a Class with less than three entries shall be left to the discretion of the Judges.
  9. There shall be no open classes.
  10. Winners of cups and trophies are responsible for their safe return to the nominated committee member by the required date.

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