Visit to Exbury Gardens, May 2008

The weather may have been gloomy and cool when we paid our visit to Exbury Gardens on the banks of the Beaulieu River in Hampshire on 17th May 2008, but  the floral display certainly lit up the day. Exbury's speciality is rhododendrons and azaleas. If only hot colours could actually raise the temperature!

The gardens have several pools in which the plants are wonderfully reflected on a still day.pool
Streams create shady habitats for a variety of plants besides the rhododendrons.
Exbury is also home to a wide range of interesting trees to complement the flowering shrubs.
If the brilliant contrasts of colours become too much for you, concentrate on the intricate beauty of individual rhodo  white rhodo
The young foliage can be as dramatic as the flowers.
Exbury has other delights to offer. These are surely the longest racemes of wisteria flowers you ever saw. And in the bog garden there's a huge grove of gunnera just emerging.wisteria      gunnera
Marilyn Farr

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